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Commentary on October 2019

Commentary on October 2019 Market Overview Global stocks had a strong October, climbing above July’s record high. The Global Index […]

Commentary on September 2019

Commentary on September 2019 Market Overview Stock-markets had reversed most of August’s losses until poor data in the first week of […]

Commentary on August 2019

Commentary on August 2019 Market Overview Economies and stock-markets suffered as both sides upped the ante in the US-China trade dispute […]

Commentary on July 2019

Commentary on July 2019 Market Overview Due to annual leave, this commentary was written before the month-end and the likely […]

Commentary on June 2019

Commentary on June 2019 Market Overview Global equities delivered their best June on record, and government bond yields fell to […]

Commentary on May 2019

Commentary on May 2019 Market Overview Fears of a renewed, and expanding, trade war hit stock-markets but saw government bonds […]

Commentary on April 2019

Commentary on April 2019 Market Overview In a month where Easter gave us a welcome sun-kissed break from the dual […]

Commentary on March 2019

Commentary on March 2019 Market Overview Global equity markets continued their move higher in March, allowing the UK stock-market to […]

Commentary on February 2019

Commentary on February 2019 Market Overview New-Year optimism carried over from January, sustained by belief that US monetary tightening was […]